Racing Goal

In addition to wanting a faster 5K time, running another half marathon, and maybe someday an Ultra, I’d really like to take a racing photo that’s good enough to want to buy.

I wish they’d put up a sign 50 yards before the photographer saying “Smile” or “Try to not look like you are dying.” Or better yet “DO. NOT. BLINK for 50 yards.”

Admittedly, it would help my picture if I didn’t approach the race as though I was going to end up a hot sweaty mess. I looked in the porta-potty plastic mirror prior to the race. I looked exactly like someone who’d been partying till 1 am, slept in her running clothes so she wouldn’t have to deal with it at 6 am, and who was as greasy as if she’d already run 3 miles. All true except I hadn’t run 3 miles, yet. Really, what kind of picture can I expect with that kind of starting point?

This is how a high school friend, who knows how to do it right AND beat me by 8 seconds, looked at the finish line only with sunglasses.

20130508-101150.jpgI know! She looked awesome. I’m so jealous, plus, she beat me!

For further proof on how far I have to go, this is me dressed up for the Kentucky derby party the day before the race.


Have you ever had a racing photo so good you had to buy it?



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3 responses to “Racing Goal

  1. NOW I get the hat! I saw it on fb and didn’t understand what a costume party had to do with anything 🙂

  2. pjchaney

    I so feel your pain. All of my photos look I’m dying too. So a new goal to set: a good race photo!

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