Meet Megan and Sally

While I may not look like the typical runner, unless you think Clydesdales look faster than Thoroughbreds, I do have a runners body. This proclamation is based on strong legs with a weaker upper body. It’s hardly my fault, when you love to run you always want to run. To atone for this fitness error, I resolve to give Megan and Sally a little more heed over the next four months.


Doesn’t everyone name their biceps?

Let me introduce Megan. She’s 40 years old. Lives in Illinois and in her glory days was most well known for throwing a softball from right field. Her hobbies include holding ice cream cones and texting with one finger.

Next up is Sally. Sally is a bit pretentious. She thinks she looks good from all angles. (Hence the picture) She excels at manipulating Megan into executing all the hard work. She loves kids but will only hold the baby’s head thus sticking Megan with the smelly diapers. Most days, you’ll find Sally hanging out with her friends, the UP band and a large cup of McDonald’s Ice Tea. Unsweetened, of course.

Remind me to double check lighting next time to make sure my muscle definition shows up in the pictures because I swear there is some! Ok, not much which is the point of this post.

Have you named your guns yet?


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