Leave Your Shoes

Today, we went to a paradise for barefooters. Everywhere I went, I saw people walking barefoot. Deep River doesn’t just encourage you to go barefoot, they pretty much prohibit wearing shoes.

Alright, Deep River is a water park, but it was notable how awkward it was for people who still insisted on wearing shoes with their bathing suit. I saw piles of shoes at the top of every slide. When you think about how many people probably pee in that water, I doubt walking around barefoot on the sidewalks is going to be grosser than that.

Don’t misinterpret that statement as a bad opinion of the water park. Deep River Waterpark was clear and clean. Not a hint of pee. While it may not be as big as the one in Yorkville, the rides were a blast, it was only 10
miles off our route to Garezers. The kids said it was better than trying to go to Great America. For some reason, they like water slides but do not like roller coasters. I’m not sure if it was a normal size of crowd for them but, I hope so because we got lots of sliding time with multiple runs on multiple slides. K-Man even braved the second scariest (by height and angle/speed) slide.

20130706-224158.jpg K-Man mid-slide on the Dragon slide on the left. He rode it three times. The bruising and slide burns prohibit numerous runs.l

If you are wondering, I rode both Dragon slides. Not sure if it’s worth the atomic wedgie I got from it. No running today, but I think I climbed a mile or two of steps.


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