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HIIT – Stairs

Quite honestly, my idea of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is jogging from the couch to the freezer for one more spoonful of ice cream after every five minutes. I could really save myself some energy if I would just admit up front I am going to eat the entire carton in one night.

Do you need a motivator? Some people like to have a Jillian Michaels-like trainer to motivate them to do HIIT. Others develop an inspiring mantra the helps them move mountains. But, nothing, seriously, nothing works better than the excited and expectant face of a 10 year old…at the waterpark.

We picked the perfect Sunday night where the resort was only at 20% capacity (or so said the chatty bartender who was looking for a bigger tip). 95% of the time we never had to wait to slip into the slide. Which is why I ended up doing HIIT on stairs for a couple of hours on Sunday night. For each round, I climbed 50 arduous stairs equivalent to three floors of the resort to reach the top of the slides.

“17! ” The Younger Kid exclaimed as we trudged through chest deep water to extricate ourselves from the splash pool at the bottom. “I counted 17 to get to the bottom. The green is the slowest and it takes 23 seconds.” That meant, I had 20 +|- seconds before he’d eagerly head up the stairs again. And I, would be carried right along behind him.

Even though this kid had been riding the water slides for the previous 5 hours, he was still practically running up the stairs. I didn’t have much choice if I wanted to keep up. Although, I did demand two recovery breathes before careening down the slide again.

Around 8:30 pm when I sprained my hand after flipping over in the toilet bowl vortex, my very concerned husband said, “Are you sure your ok because your face is all purple.” I had to admit that my purple face was from climbing the stairs not the injury.




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What the heck, Wisconsin?

I’m driving along 21 today when I saw an astonishing site.
My thoughts were:

What the F?


What gives, Wisconsin? I’m driving along and all I see is a straight, flat road lined by brown leaf oak trees when…


Ship Rock imposes on my view from the left. It’s astonishing!

Then I see:

Graffiti on the bottom 20% of Ship Rock.

So, I realize there aren’t a lot of buildings in this part of Wisconsin and those that are present would collapse under the force of spray paint, but an irreplaceable piece of awesome rock structure?!? Ugh. I want to vomit.

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Target Heart Rate Poster

Let me ask you, Exercise Experts Around The World, just how realistic is this poster?


Because tonight I came no where near that Max Heart Rate. I mean in the I-should-be-laying-on-the-ground-with-a-heart-attack no where near way. I think I’m at 85% on this chart with just a brisk walk. I realize that I haven’t been..well, never mind that, that is besides the point. The year I trained for and ran two half marathons, I was about 35 and always had a heart rate close to 190 + when I was running. So, tell me why I don’t die when I run when this chart clearly says I should have?

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