Holiday Diet

Yes, I started my diet on the week of Thanksgiving.

I realize there are a gazillion health experts out there groaning and predicting my utter failure.

1. Because I used the word diet. Hey, I’m old school. I’m always going to think “diet”. I realize that this is forever. Just like the last 23 years of my life have been an effort in living healthier, so shall the rest of my life. It’s my diet.

2. Because I started watching what I eat the week of the biggest gluttony feast??? The TEMPTATION! In the 52 weeks prior to Thanksgiving, I hadn’t managed to go three days straight eating a healthy diet so why wouldn’t I try the week of Thanksgiving? The point is knowing it has to be done regardless of what week it is.

No, I didn’t do all that great after Thursday but I’ve still got my head in the game and despite the impending Bake Christmas Cookies Day, I’m trying to make all the other days count well toward my diet.

Tis the Season! May the diet odds be ever in your favor.


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