Shoot The Radio


I love Christmas music. It started back when I was a wee child. I know, most people hate Christmas music but it still holds a special magic for me and really makes the holiday spirit come to life. It also helps the holiday spirits go bottoms up.

As soon as Thanksgiving is over, I hit the play button on the holiday music. My brother-in-law, Jason, is a musical guru if you’ve ever met one and has fed my holiday musical addiction for 15 years. Unfortunately, my computer reached an age where it is no longer compatible with my iPhone. Alas, I was unable to sync 800 of my favorite holiday songs to my phone. I figured it wasn’t much of a big deal because there are several radio stations around the Chicago area that convert to Christmas music at this time of year. I’d be fine and Christmas-y until I had a chance to acquire updated software.

By December 8th, I was ready to shoot the radio in my car. I’d heard just three songs, one single version each, about twenty-four times. I was even starting to hate Bing Crosby singing White Christmas which no small feat considering that is my favorite Christmas movie of all time. That night, I dove into the closet, digging through all sorts of things we no longer want but haven’t quite been able to throw away. THANK GOD! because in that pile is 15 years worth of holiday CD’s. Who would need the CD’s after they’ve been downloaded to my iTunes?? Me. I would need them. I would need them badly.

The point is, there is lots of variety in Christmas music, wonderful Christmas music. I learned that radio Christmas music sucks and I understand why everyone else hates it so much. I’ve asked Santa for a software upgrade so that I never have to be deprived again. It is with great…no, immense relief, yes, relief.. to introduce to you the 2013 Christmas Tunes From Jason.

Merry Christmas!

PS. For those who want relief from Radio/Mall Christmas tunes but aren’t brave enough to jump right into Jason’s list (because I too skip over the Dio song from 2010), here a few of my favorites from previous years and the CD year. You can find the previous years at the bottom of the XmasCD page.

PPS. These aren’t necessarily my top 10 because there are so many good ones.

2013 – Stomping Tom Conners – Down On Christmas
2010 – Lena Horne -Jingle All The Way
2010 – Clyde McPhatter and the Drifters – White Christmas
2008 -Jerry Reed -Christmas At the Mall
2008 – Holly Golightly – Christmas Trees on Fire (but if I remember correctly this song can be played until Valentine’s Day)
2007 – Hank Thompson – Gonna Wrap My Heart In Ribbons
2006 – Buck Owens – Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy
2006 – Sufjan Stevens – I Saw Three Ships
2004 – John Prine – Christmas In Prison
2004 – B.O.B- Room In Your Heart For Him
2004 – Red Simpson – Truckin Trees For Christrmas
2004 – Pearl Bailey – Five Pound Box of Money

PPSS. I couldn’t even pick just 10.


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  1. Nancy hall

    Nice job Stephanie. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Wishing your family a wonderful Christmas season. Hugs.

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