I am an American

I married into a strong Latvian family and community. When I get asked about my ancestry, I say I’m about as American as you can get. I don’t think the Latvians really understand what I mean. While I greatly enjoy my husband’s connection to his culture and heritage, I’d like to take the opportunity to flex my American muscle.

Thank you, Scott Rose for all your hard work on Ancestry.com so that I can brag a little.

1. On two lines, I am the 14th generation born in America (or what would one day be America). Scarily enough, these two lines lead back to the same woman which means a couple of distant cousins married at one point. Things were different back in the colonial days.

2. Four times, I am the 13th generation. Nine times each, I am the 12th and 11th generation born in America. No cousins were involved in these lines.

3. There are a couple dozen times where there are more than seven generations between me and a European born ancestor.

4. The closest I get to a generation born in Europe was one time, three generations ago.

5. I’m not just American, I’m a Michigander. On my dad’s side, I was the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 5th generation to be born in Michigan. On my mom’s side, I was the 4th, 4th, 5th and 5th generation to be born in Michigan.

I’m proud to be an American. One day, I’ll be a Michigander again.

P.S. Thanks, Kristine for asking me if I am distantly related to Kelly Clarkson. You opened a can of worms!




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2 responses to “I am an American

  1. It is very cool to be able to trace your lineage back that far! You’ve wrecked the curve for the boys however 😉 Your tree is gorgeous, too… I think you should frame it!

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