An Early Christmas Season

I believe that the Christmas season doesn’t start until the last Turkey leg has been gnawed down to a splintering bone. But, I made an exception for the U.S. Capitol Christmas tree.

The Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie, which is part of our national forests, took advantage of the opportunity to bring the 88 feet tall White Spruce from the Chippewa National Forest to a couple of small towns just a few miles apart as the only IL stops on its tour to Washington, DC.

I felt a strong urge to go see the Capitol Tree because I am somewhat of a holiday freak and still get very excited about Christmas.

Was it worth braving the prairie winds and unseasonably below freezing temperatures?
Of course it was! Did you not just read my Holiday Freak declaration?

It was worth the early celebration and inhospitable climate, but I was disappointed that you can only see a couple of feet of the tree through a vinyl window. I mean, I get that there would be a lot of wind damage to the boughs driving down the highway, I just wish they could have dropped open a full side so maybe I could have hugged the tree or something.

Happy Thanksgiving! (I’m back to my old ways again! )

IMG_4545.JPG The Older Kid and me in front of the tree

IMG_4550.JPG I put the Younger Kid on my shoulders so that he could sign my name up high. I recommend that you bring a ladder if the tree comes to a town near you.

IMG_4546.JPG The Truck

IMG_4547.JPG I didn’t say it…


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