Yoga yoga yoga yoga yoga

My feet were planted into the floor. I raised my arms over my head and lowered them with each purposed breath. I was supposed to be aware, connecting my breath with each body part. In reality, I felt as though my torso was hovering above a couple of stumps. This wasn’t my first time on yoga mat, but it’s been quite sometime since I was a practitioner of yoga or any regular physical activity at all. My mind was a little freaked out that it had other body parts to control.

I liken the experience to a time when I was in the 8th grade. My best friend was Aimee. I thought it’d be cool to write her a note that was a sheet of paper just covered in random writings of the word “Hi!” After 200 printings, my brain began to over analyze the correct spelling of Hi and convinced me for a few minutes that I was not writing it correctly. Obviously, I’ve been sedentary too long if my brain can’t get through a yoga class without over analyzing how my muscles are supposed to work.

I’m enjoying reconnecting with a functional body. There’s a great deal of satisfaction in shifting my weight forward onto my front leg while I extend my arms toward opposite walls in a warrior position. It is strength, It is power. And, I have appendages that can do this!


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