2016 Crackdown 

I’m three weeks into 2016.  Some (most?) people have already given up on their resolutions.  I’m just now thinking about writing mine.  

Truthfully, I’ve been on the resolution train since Day 1. (My ANNUAL New Years Crack Down ya’ll) Only now, I feel compelled to spell it out.  

1. N-E-W Y-E-A-R-S C-R-A-C-K D-O-W-N

All jokes aside, I am looking into improving my health once again. I certainly couldn’t claim that I was successful with last year’s resolutions but I do feel I made progress toward a certain level of mature attitude and philosophy in regards to health and well being. 

Today, I read the article How to relearn the art of eating by Bee Wilson. (Confession, I didn’t actually read it word for word because it was too long) The parts I read struck a cord in me. This is the path I want for 2016 and I want to talk about it. 

I’m tired of being a yo-yo like craving unhealthy foods while feeling guilty everytime I eat something special.  I need to relearn how to eat and have a better relationship with my food. I don’t want to give up ice cream.  But, I also don’t want to ruin my prime ice cream moments by eating junk food in excess all the other time. 
I’m not sure if the article actually tells you how to relearn the art of eating or if it just keeps explaining why we suck at eating to begin with. So, my list below may be redundant but it’s the first time I’ve read it. 

1. Eat slow, slower and even slower –  I must savor the flavor. If something doesn’t taste good when I savor, I have to give up on it. If something tastes good, I have to determine when enough is enough before it becomes way too much. 

2. Nothing is off limits but there is a limit – ultimately, I want to lose weight and fit into those ski bunny pants. I will recognize my goal and put healthier choices as my priority. The limit is defined as special treats need to be considered on timing, frequency, and quantity. 

Those two things may not see like much but I’m making a lifestyle change here. With the New Years Crackdown, I am already experiencing positive changes. 2016 is going to be a good year.    


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