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Mighty Mighty

I looked in a full length mirror today…

So, here’s today’s workout T-shirt 

I’m in Malvern, PA.  I was walking on the treadmill when a couple of good tunes came across the earbuds. 2.5 miles for the day.  Barefoot no less (literally not possible to be less)  Now, I’m hanging out in my hotel room having a little dance party. 

Soon, I’ll switch over to more mellow music and work on my mobility work.

These hips will be constant work but I am better off than I was.  After all, I drove 3 hours yesterday, left the house at 4:30 am to catch a 7 am flight to Philly. I spent all day sitting on ill fitting chairs in meetings. Considering my past, my inability to get through a day like that without groaning, I am so much better off now.  

Time to sign off for a little Someday I Suppose by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. You can watch it on YouTube. 

Even though I’m going to dance to it, my oneday needs to be today. 


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Giving Up

I joined a gym. I’m losing inches. I’m getting stronger. I’m eating chocolate. I’m wearing shoes.

It’s been several weeks since I started working out at the gym again. The guard at the door verbally greets me with half open eye lids. He even confided, one day, it was tough to get up at 4 am to come to work. I smiled in solidarity. I’m practically a regular.

Which is why I felt it was the right time to remove my shoes.

I’m giving up my shoes but I don’t think I’m giving up chocolate.

I’m not sure how many people think it is crazy but there have been enough people over the years commenting on my preference for bare feet that it’s more than just in my head. Add the public shower barefoot fungus phobia to the intense germ-a-phobia that exists in the gym as evidenced by the plethora of anti-bacterial gels on every exercise machine. Let’s just say, I gave up my shoes but I didn’t trumpet the virtues of barefootedness. (besides on here, of course)

PSA – Foot fungus develops in warm moist areas that don’t dry out. No shoes = dry feet = poor environment for fungus growth

We’ll see if I continue to get away with it or if I get asked to put the shoes back on. If that happens, I’m giving up the gym.

I’m still won’t be giving up chocolate though.

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A Fly In The Ointment

I’m a four seasons girl. When the weather is beautiful, I want to be outside. To me, each season has it’s beauty. Today was no exception. It was warm but not hot, breezy but not windy and plenty of sun. It’s a day that makes you feel like it has healing powers.

What’s a girl to do but go walking, barefoot walking.

Yes, I went barefoot walking and I didn’t step in any dog poop. Stepping in dog poop is a common misconception of going barefoot.

I was, however, given plenty of opportunity to step in it. I’d really like to thank all those dog owners for refusing to pick up their dog’s poo so that fifty thousand flies could buzz around me as I went by.

It kinda put a fly in the ointment.

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100 MoN (ToN) Weird, Strange Neighbor Division

You know how every neighborhood has that one person that the whole neighborhood talks about? That person would be me.

I know this for a fact because I am friends with Pam who lives on the other side of the neighborhood and she told me they ask her why I never wear shoes. It’s just as much of a mystery to Pam as it is to them. My neighbors don’t read my blog, obviously.

So, really, you can hardly come up with a better situation for a 100 Miles of Nowhere. Someone crazy, doing something crazy in a place that gossips about crazy. Just one tiny, insignificant detail, I said I would never do the 100 Miles of Nowhere again.

Fortunately, Fatty is such a nice guy that he lets the rest of us get away with slacking off while he’s off biking 100 (101) Miles Of Nowhere.

What’s a girl to do?

In the spirit of The Fat Cyclist, I must take full advantage of the rules.


Ride your race. On June 1 or thenabouts (lots of people including me sometimes have to do it on a different day, due to conflicting schedules), do what you said you’d do. Be tough about it. But have fun, too. Remember, this is to traditional bike racing as the sillywalk is to running a marathon.

I’m not a cyclist so, this year, I am doing exactly what I said, “I will never attempt the 100 Miles Of Nowhere again”

Welcome to the 100 Things of Nowhere!! I performed 100 different things going nowhere.

Task #1 -Walking- I traversed a section of sidewalk 100 times at 5:00 am so I only received a handful of “What the heck is she doing now?” looks from neighbors misfortunate enough to be going to work at that time.

20130619-223735.jpgThe sidewalk in its entirety.

Task #2 -100 Squats in the bathroom – No toilets were harmed in the making of #2.

Tasks #3 -5 – high knee marches, toy soldiers and back kicks in my office – Now, my co-workers get to think I am weird too.

Tasks #6 – 10 – standing side leg lifts, burpees, dribbling basketball, set volleyball, and soccer tic-tock in the front yard – During this set, I appear less weird and more sporty-like.

Tasks #11- 20 – side to side butt kicks, wall push-ups, step ups, balance beam, trampoline jumps, jumping jacks, sleep (a real favorite), bounces on an exercise
ball, hops, and twists on a mini trampoline….

…There was a popular kids series of books called 39 Clues. A separate book was written about each clue solving the mystery. However, someone must have figured out the books weren’t maintaining enough popularity because during the 12th or 10th book they “revealed” the remaining 27 clues and jumped to the final scene. This is relevent to the 100 ToN because I am going to pull a 39 Clues on you and jump to the final scene….

Task #100 – 100 passes through the neighborhood on my all original 1969 Huffy Granny Cruiser.

20130620-140539.jpgShe’s a beauty

It was barely 80 degrees when I set out to ride past the neighbors’ front windows 100 times and figured that I couldn’t have picked a better day for 100 Passes to Nowhere.

It was a Wednesday. In addition to being a pleasant summer day, Wednesday is the day you put your garbage out by the curb here.

Task #101 was breathing in my neighbors’ rancid garbage 100 times.

Granny and I received a few smiles, waves and hellos during the first 15 or so passes. After the 40th pass, they just stared at me as we cranked and squeaked past them. By the 60th pass, they dismissed me all together as the crazy neighbor and went back to grilling or fixing this or that allowing Granny and I to finish spectator-less. Even the noisy dachshunds down the street where disenchanted by the 75th pass.

At the end of the 100th pass, I was barely able to climb down from the seat. It is, after all, the original 1969 seat with no padding and super stiff shocks that squeak with every bounce.

I declared myself WINNER of the 100 MoN – Weird, Strange Neighbor doing 100 (weird) Things of Nowhere Division

The GPS of the 100 passes through the neighborhood. 2 blocks, 14 miles


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When Did I Start Smoking?

My oldest is a Boy Scout who needs to make Tenderfoot rank to attend camp this summer. When I asked him what needed to be done, he informed me that he just needed to time himself running 1/4 mile.

Kid, get in the car. He did, minus his shoes. He makes his mama so proud.

The OK (Oldest Kid) lined up at the arrow and took off running in his barefeet. The high school track was laid down just a few years ago so it has plenty of cushion but it can be abrasive to barefeet if your not accustomed to it. Add on gusting 20 mph winds to his situation. OK did pretty well with a time of 2 minutes and 29 seconds.

I high fived him and stepped on the track for my own race. I’m not sure what my problem has been the past year or so. I have a self-diagnosis of Morton’s Nuroma which seems to have sucked the run out of me in this past year. Hint: This is a preface of the next 2 minutes and 17 seconds.

Oh, and I’ve had several uncharacteristic colds this year… Yeah, like in the chest…

I’m standing on the rubbery surface in a 40-something’s starting race stance. I leapt forward at the word Go! The course rubbery texture actually feels good on my feet which is way more than I can say for my lungs. I haven’t even rounded the second corner when it feels like my lungs have decided to hold their breath in protest until I stop running. Not that I can stop running, mind you, because OK is watching and timing me.

I crossed the line at a respectable 2 minutes and 17 seconds.

I had OK run a second time, more so because I was hacking and coughing like a 20 year smoker. It was a struggle to stay standing during OK’s second lap. Even 30 minutes later, I was still trying to dislodge phlegm that had congregated at the base of my throat. I’ve got to get back into running because I don’t recall being a 20 year smoker.


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Desperation Into Determination

“OMG! I am so fricken miserable in these pants. I feel like I am going to burst open like an overstuffed sausage in a hot grill. Weight watchers…take me away!!!”

That’s desperation.

The good thing about desperation is wanting, intensely, to get out of that situation. The problem was that it was rooted to that particular moment when I was miserable. After three days, I was no longer bloated from excessive salt intake, therefore, no longer miserable. I was also not desperate anymore. My pants felt fine which was sufficient to give into simple justification to eat anything, thus, starting the desperate cycle all over again.

What I need… is determination. I need to take my desperation and turn it into determination.

Other than being able to wear pants without the button popping off and shooting someone’s eye out, I have to admit that I’m not much concerned about my weight. However, weight isn’t the only fitness measurement in life. So, why “give up” as it were? It is now time to declare things I am determined to do or not do as the case may be.

I am determined to be able to run 6 miles anytime I want. I could run 6 miles now, probably, maybe, but it would be a desperate attempt at which I’d probably stop after 1.3 miles then collapse on the convenience store floor with one hand stretched out in a desperate search for one last Twinkie. I felt my best when I could simply say 6 seems good today then simply go run it.

I am determined to not let 40 be the slide into a stocked medicine cabinet. My husband who is the poster child for all things stress can do to you, hit 40 and found himself saddled with maintenance drugs like Nexium. He keeps taunting me that when I turn 40, I will acquire my own personal pharmacy. Maybe the need for prescription drugs will be out of my control but if I don’t start drinking enough water to fill the Shedd Aquarium and avoiding cases of timeless Twinkies, well, then I might as well carry around a white flag with a matching pill box. I am determined to fight for good health.

I am determined to be The World’s Strongest Man. Shortly, snowmobile season will be here, hopefully. I worry that I will get my snowmobile stuck in a snowbank. My clothing will get soaked with sweat as I desperately attempt and fail to free the sled. Then my clothes will freeze causing my body to go into hypothermia as my temperature drops to 97 degrees before I am located through a massive search and rescue mission. I will have to spend the remainder of the trip in the hot tub which sounds delightful until you visualize me in a swim cap with rubber flowers circa 1950 and it’s a vision you’ll never fully recover from. I can simply avoid this desperate situation in the rubber swim cap if I stay determined to become The World’s Strongest Man (on the Barefoot Rose scale, naturally).

20121204-153714.jpgWomen on the right and men on the left.

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Halloween Workout: Fighting For My Life

As I went about the preparations for my Halloween workout, I was startled by a squeak resembling the sound of a hinge on a door being opened slowly. I whipped around expecting one of the boys to be standing in the entrance rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, but the entrance was vacant. A cool breeze blew across my neck even though the door was closed just as I had left it.

Turning back to turn on the treadmill, I heard a bang on the outside wall. I peered out the window to investigate. All I could see was a frightening reflection cast from the glare of the CF lights on the glass. It was the scariest reflection of all, my own.

I know the noises were only a coincidence but my heart rate was elevated before I even started my warm up. I transitioned into dynamic stretches that loosened my joints and muscles. I checked that all my parts were working and that nothing had been possessed a la Evil Dead 2. I appreciated being limber and ready just in case the squeaking and banging were actually coming from otherworldly demons forcing their way inside.

The treadmill made enough noise on its own to cancel out invading aliens. I hope it holds out for another winter because I really need to build up my endurance if I expect to outrun a two-headed man from somewhere in Betelgeuse who encourages the consumption of Pan-Galactic Gargle Blasters. In preparation, I cranked that treadmill up to a whopping 5.5 mph.

20121101-155327.jpgZaphod on by mrjuju125deviantART

Just in case I get cornered by Frankenstein’s monster while running along side a decrepit castle, I also polished up my fighting skills. I sized up the heavy bag imagining it was the monster. Of course, it was smaller than Frankenstein’s monster but I’d rather practice a few quick jabs there than break my hand on a tree. I’d be a sure goner fighting with a broken hand against a man with hands the size of a Yugo.

It was a tenacious Halloween workout that I approached as though I was fighting for my life which in reality I actually am.

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