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Mighty Mighty

I looked in a full length mirror today…

So, here’s today’s workout T-shirt 

I’m in Malvern, PA.  I was walking on the treadmill when a couple of good tunes came across the earbuds. 2.5 miles for the day.  Barefoot no less (literally not possible to be less)  Now, I’m hanging out in my hotel room having a little dance party. 

Soon, I’ll switch over to more mellow music and work on my mobility work.

These hips will be constant work but I am better off than I was.  After all, I drove 3 hours yesterday, left the house at 4:30 am to catch a 7 am flight to Philly. I spent all day sitting on ill fitting chairs in meetings. Considering my past, my inability to get through a day like that without groaning, I am so much better off now.  

Time to sign off for a little Someday I Suppose by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. You can watch it on YouTube. 

Even though I’m going to dance to it, my oneday needs to be today. 


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It seems so cliché to make resolutions these days. Yet, I just can’t stop myself.

I’m in need of a makeover, January 1st (actually 5th) (now the 8th), seems like the best time to do it. I might as well jump on the self-improvement train and make a go of it.

Here are a few things I’d like to accomplish in 2015:
1. Gain a better understanding of which foods negatively impact how I feel and irritate my digestive system

2. Build functional strength

3. Reduce unnecessary spending

4. Spend more time on creative projects

5. Get on with life


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This One Time, At Band Camp

The other night, the hubs and I were watching the Olympic high platform diving. NBC was demonstrating how their dive camera conveyed the speed at which those ridiculously high dives took place. I turned to the the hubs and said, “This one time, in band camp… I jumped off the high platform.”


A few years after band camp, the hubs and I fostered a long standing friendship with Dave and Elisabeth. We became best friends with them when we lived four blocks apart and we’d show up at their house every Sunday (or Friday or Tuesday) with a bucket of beer. Not one of those puny restaurant buckets, mind you, this was a plastic five gallon bucket of beer.

At the time, Dave and I worked for the same company. I can’t tell you how many hours we spent sharing stories around the water cooler between fighting “fires” at work. My stories almost always started with “Once, in band camp…”

So, can you imagine how hysterical we were when American Pie came out?

Just to be clear, none of my stories included a flute. After all, I played the flag. (Only the color guard will get that)

Still, to this day, Dave and other non-band geeks don’t understand band camp. Band camp was awesome. I only spent one week out of my Sophomore to Senior summers at Central Michigan University band camp but I came away with a lifetime of memories. I’ll never play the flag (or clarinet) professionally but when the Olympic divers get on the high dive platform, I know what it is like to stand there and look down at that teeny, tiny pool below and still have the guts to jump.

Oh, and this one time, at band camp…oh, you’ll just have to wait until next time to find out.

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What’s Banxing? If celebrities can mash up words, so can I. Glamping anyone?

Banxing is another barefoot activity I enjoy on a regular basis. Barefoot isn’t just for running, you know.


Last year while watching Biggest Loser, I decided that I would add boxing to my workouts. But, I found myself tiring quickly of just hitting a bag. You can only have an imaginary fight for so long before you start thinking that if you haven’t knocked out your opponent by now you’re probably suffering from some severe black eyes and a bloody nose.

Having music blaring in the garage enhances my boxing workout. As much as I am a runner, I am that much more of a dancer. When a great song comes on during my boxing session I find my booty starts shaking then I start punching a rhythm. Next thing I know, I’m bouncing my knees and banxing (boxing and dancing) song after song.

Sometimes a song brings about more dancing than boxing. Sometimes, when I shake, shake, shake…shake, shake, shake shake my booty, I actually punch, punch, punch…punch, punch, punch, and shake my booty, shake my booty.

This last picture isn’t about banxing. I just can’t resist a good bike ride to get ice cream.



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The World Is My Dance Floor

Sure, I should be writing about how much I love running again. More likely, I should be finishing up my work report.

But, I’m not because the kids are asleep, I’ve got a cool one in my hand, and the buds in my ears. It’s a Friday night dance-a-thon right here in my living room.

Put down that remote and join me on the living room dance floor!


My front windows double as dance studio mirrors! Yes, I think I can dance.

Edit: you know what is great about being your own DJ? You can replay a great song until you get your fill, skip a song that doesn’t “move” you, and pause your favorite until you get done peeing! I love Friday night living room dance floor!

Edit: Proof that you never know what is going to move you. Currently playing, Sonata in C Minor.

Edit: you know what’s great about ear buds? I can crank the music as loud as though it would shatter the windows but the kids can still sleep! That would be Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Edit: Lynard Skynard said, “turn it up,” so I did.

Edit: It’s getting late/I’m getting old. Now, I’m sitting in a chair nodding my head to the beat.

Double edit: Tainted Love… It calls for a return to the floor.

Edit: the night is never over till ABAA has been played. Take A Chance On Me and you’ll see I’m right.


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Treadmill Smiley

It’s the first (now second) day of winter. As a runner in the northern hemisphere, I am happy for the first day of winter because it means it might actually snow soon. Plus, it means early morning daylight is on the horizon. Until either one if these magical events happen, I will carry on, plodding my way through winter on a treadmill.

Almost every runner hates their treadmill. I think hate is a strong word but wouldn’t bestow a BFF title on my treadmill either. I don’t hate the treadmill because I have learned there are ways to make a treadmill run smiley.

Treadmill Method #421
(I like choosing random three digit numbers to number my methods because it insinuates that I have more than a thousand different ideas, and I just pulled a random idea out of a hat for today’s post.) First off, when I want to run four or five miles, I am not obliged to run them consecutively. Second, being able to listen to music while running on the treadmill eases the agony of running into the oblivion. Although I list music as a runner-up, listening to music is really treadmill method #1. However, method #421 is a modification of method #1 so music gets secondary billing under this particular method.

How Method #421 Was Developed
The hotel had a “cardio” room instead of a fitness room. I asked where the fitness room was and was corrected with “cardio” room making me wonder who sued them over that terminology. Tomato tomahto as long as the room included a treadmill.

The hotel employee led me to the ‘restricted’ area of the hotel. The sign on the door stated “Employees Only”. My first glance was of a dimly lit room. It was narrower than a regular guest room but wider than a standard closet. There were no windows, clocks, or pictures. A treadmill, a stationary bicycle, a stair master, and an armchair were lined up one in front of the other. I suppose armchair quarterbacks come here for their super bowl preparations? The “cardio” room was a pinch creepy but functional.

As a rule, I spend the warm-up period gleaning a method to keep the treadmill from extracting my spirit. Acknowledging my dour surroundings, I opted for a less routine method, #287, referred to as non consecutive miles. It’s perfect for when I need mental breaks through that hour’s length of time. I would fill the gaps with push-ups.

Love Shack by B-52s was pounding in my earbuds at the leading break. I was into the tune enough that instead of pressing my nose into a sketchy carpet, I descended from the treadmill and started grooving. Sure, there wasn’t much room and my only partner was a armchair waiting for someone to turn on a TV, but the music was in my soul. If there were any security monitoring cameras in the”cardio” room, they would have witness Elaine inspired dance moves.

The following break time came before a good dance song had started playing. Hence, I continued running for another 1/4 mile as I skipped through songs until I located the right beat. Once more, I dismounted the treadmill and grooved like a funky cat.

I spent an hour in a run/dance combo. I fulfilled four miles with an impression of having executed only one mile. I ran and grinned. I had fun and was joyful that I’d found the dingy “cardio” room.

Official Method Descripition
Method #421 – Dance Interludes

Purpose: To Treadmill Smiley

Scope: To complete an enjoyable treadmill run while maintaining an elevated cardio rate for the duration of the time allotted.

Safety: Safe treadmill procedures are to be followed at all times using this method. This includes wearing the appropriate clothing. Shoes may not be necessary when running on a treadmill.

Terminology: Stint is the length of time spent running. Interlude is the time between stints when you dance.

1. Separate the target run length into short mentally manageable stints.

2. Run the stints at a speed to elevate your heart rate but reserves booty shaking energy.

4. Select a booty shaking or foot stomping song from your ipod in the interlude.

5. Select random play on your ipod.

6. Continue the interlude for as long as random play selects booty shaking or foot stomping songs.

7. Repeat steps 2 – 6 until run length or time allotted is culminated.

Have a Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Go Run Smiley!

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An Old Friend Speaks The Truth

Harvesting by The Corn Fed Girls

Old friend of mine, It’s not the first time you’ve heard me say, what I’ve gotta say

Hey man, listen, I’m tired of you pissin’ your whole life away

Used be a wonder in your eye

Used to laugh a hundred times a night

This is a song written and sung by a band, The Corn Fed Girls, that an old college friend of mine is in.  The song isn’t about me but it feels like they know and Darcy is singing to me.

Just before the holidays, I was speaking to my boss on the phone who is located on the east coast.  He generously offered for me to work from home whenever I need to, you know, because of the kids and holidays, etc.

Sounds like a great offer, doesn’t it?

Especially to someone who has put on enough weight this month year that only one pair of her work pants now “fit”.   If I could work from home one day a week… then that would be one less day a week when I’d have to worry about how I look or what other people think!  The more I get depressed about my failures this year, the more enticing this offer is.  No one will “know”.

Wrong on two accounts.

1. People will know.  They always know.

2. I’ll still know and it won’t make me feel any better knowing the real reason I stayed home.

…staying home from work to avoid the clothes that won’t fit anymore and avoid people knowing that I’m blowing up like a whale…that prospect scares me.

No! Those aren’t the solutions I’m looking for.  I’m tired of pissin’ my life away too.  I used to have a wonder in my eye.  I used to laugh a hundred times a day.

I’m putting myself out there.  I’m facing everyone but what I’m really doing is facing myself.  I’ve never really hit rock bottom before but I have to believe that realizing that I’ve started to enter a mental state suggesting that I hide myself away from the public, from myself has to be a rock bottom.

I used to have a wonder in my eye.  I used to laugh a hundred times a day.

I want that.  I miss me.

Listen to The Corn Fed Girls.  Pearlie is one of my favorites.

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