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Thesaurus Thursday

I am so excited about this week!

Why, you ask?

Because this week, I moved up to 1.5 miles!

What, you catechize?

Last week, I ran 1.25 miles each run. This week, I increased the distance to 1.5 miles. (running only, walking is a separate distance)

Why aren’t you running farther, you canvass?

Tendonitis issues in my right foot throughout 2011 led me to decree a break from running for nearly all of December. I established a plan to increase my distance at an excruciating pace to remove any doubt of committing the sinful “too much too soon”.

Affirmative, I am blissful and fervidly await my subsequent rendezvous with the piceous, circumvolve belt of nullity. I will scuttle and culminate 1.5 miles discalced.

Existence is recherché.


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Three Thesaurus Thursday- Conversation

1. I spent an hour and a half in a telephone conversation with my boss. That seems like enough work for the day, doesn’t it? Seriously, I had to work at paying attention to him for that long.

2. I sat in a rigid office chair while having a colloquy on the signs of insanity indubitably showing in the guy down the hall.

3. She braced herself for the palaver she would have to endure that evening. Undoubtedly, she would prefer to be running discalced through the variegated leaves deposited on the cool asphalt. Fall was a transcendent time to run. She unshod as often as her schedule allowed.

Welcome to the first installment of Thesaurus Thursday. Once I get started, I have trouble terminating.

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