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Cliché Update

Does anyone remember their New Year’s Resolutions? I have a vague recollection that my helicopter was under enemy fire.

Wait. Sorry, that’s not my story.

I’m more likely to forget.

Q. Did there come a time when you and Admiral Poindexter met with the other New Years Resolution officials or members – as well as members of Congress to try to relate to them what your resolutions were?

A. I don’t recall having anything to do with the Congress in that sense.

That’s why I blogged it. Official, written evidence of my cliched attempt to grow up in 2015. Did I stay the course?

1. Gain a better understanding of which foods negatively impact how I feel and irritate my digestive system
Yes, if I can count eating fast food 2-3 times a week as trial and error?

2. Build functional strength
I successfully lifted the rear end of the snowmobile. And, I can do two full push-ups in a row.

3. Reduce unnecessary spending
I’m in the middle of a kitchen remodel, planning a big summer vacation then I let my husband go buy a snowmobile..

4. Spend more time on creative projects
Kitchen remodel, string art heart, three unfinished scarves

5. Get on with life
I’m in the middle of a kitchen remodel. Who has time to get on with life??

I remembered 4 out of 5. I’ve actively worked on 2 out of 5.

My status on being cliché – 80%.


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It seems so cliché to make resolutions these days. Yet, I just can’t stop myself.

I’m in need of a makeover, January 1st (actually 5th) (now the 8th), seems like the best time to do it. I might as well jump on the self-improvement train and make a go of it.

Here are a few things I’d like to accomplish in 2015:
1. Gain a better understanding of which foods negatively impact how I feel and irritate my digestive system

2. Build functional strength

3. Reduce unnecessary spending

4. Spend more time on creative projects

5. Get on with life


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Sibling Rivalry

My siblings and I get along famously. So famously that when we were younger, people used to ask my mom how she got us to get along so well. I must admit that with a brother 6 years older, we didn’t always get along so famously when parents weren’t around. He was master of the game “Take a Seat”. I was master of taking a seat. Even though I remember hating that “game”, I really don’t feel any rivalry between my siblings and myself. I enjoy seeing them succeed and never feel the need to one up them.

This lack of competitiveness, of course, becomes a problem when my sister suggests that she and I compete in a weight loss challenge against each other where the biggest loser gets $50 from the actual loser. If I felt some sort of rivalry towards her then I would be motivated to make smart eating decisions resulting in a substantial advantage over her. Instead, I pick up the donut (or two) and tell myself it’s ok because surely, Penny will surge ahead on a wave of accomplishment that will carry her to a glorious finale. I just won’t care that she going to beat me. Thus, I’ll be sitting back, five pounds heavier, clapping for her as she crosses the finish line. I won’t even be able to cheer for her verbally because, at that time, I’ll have three brownies shoved in my mouth, “hurmmmfy Pemmffy!”

While I may not be characteristically competitive (against Penny), I am stIll characteristically a solution seeker. Resolutely, I decided to create an alternate set of rules for the challenge. In this game, on June 1st, the loser has to buy two pair of shorts. One pair for the winner to show off how good they look from all that weight loss. The other pair for themselves. Because the only thing worse than jeans shopping is swimsuit shopping. Since I am not a masochist, I settled for shorts. Even then, shorts is just as equally painful as shopping for jeans. The last thing you want to do after spending a month trying to lose weight is buy a pair of shorts in a bigger size. So, once again, to avoid being a masochist, whether I lose the most or lose the least, I’d better get losing!

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Gag Reflex

I have been gagging on my food today. Let me tell you, the gagging isn’t caused by a threat of salmonell, the smell of pickled herring, or the dryness that comes from completely charred food.

I haven’t had a cookie in three days.

Or chocolate. Or ice cream. Or..

Yes, my body has gone into shock. If there was a microphone inside my body, this is what I think you’d hear..

EGADS! Where are the fricken cookies!!! Chicken?? Who does she think I am, Gracie Gold? This is ridiculous. I’ve been eating cookies everyday of my life. Not a thing wrong with me. If I don’t get some cookies this instant, I’ll go bang her head on the wall. Cookies!! Why, oh, Why can’t I have cookies!

Now repeat that but replace cookies with ice cream, chocolate, candy, donuts, and so on.

I wouldn’t recommend stepping into my office this week. I might barf this healthy chicken all over your shoes.

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More, More, More

I feel like I have procrastinated long enough, it is time to face 2014 and get on with this thing. This year the resolution thing didn’t really move me. I can set all the goals I want but if I’m not motivated then it’s a mute point. So this year, I felt like a little introspection was the path to take. When I looked inside, I saw that I want more, more and more.

More Food
It’s a sad situation when you’re relieved that the holidays are over just because you won’t be faced with piles of edibles that make you feel like crap. In 2014, I want more food. The real kind that makes a real contribution to maintaining a physically fit body. By physically fit, I don’t just mean weight loss. I finally kicked sausage to the curb because my non-gull bladder body just can’t deal with it anymore. I’ve had a taste of peacefulness and I want more of it. There are other foods and other components of foods that make it difficult to put on a happy face day in and day out. I want to pinpoint what those foods are and lock them out with the sausage.

More Of What I Used To Have
So many dream of the bodies they had when they were in high school. I don’t really care about that anymore but I would like some of the good habits I used to have when I was about 35 years old. Like carrying a water bottle with me everywhere just so I wouldn’t go thirsty or eating the lunch I brought from home because it was healthier and more economical than fast food. I cared more about what I ate, what I did, and how I did it. I want to be more like I was when I was 35.

20140108-133624.jpgMy motivational poster from 2009/2010 when my attitude was on only a slight decline

More Running
Need I say more? No, I only need to do more.

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I think I have writer’s block. I used to feel like I had lots to say. Now, whenever I get one thought in my head to say, it’s gone before a cohesive thought comes behind it. I’m just not inspired anymore.

Running used to inspire me to write. But, day after day, week after week, turning into month after month, I just didn’t run. I don’t have the inspiration to run anymore. I think I must have runner’s block.

Even after all this time of not running, the idea of runner’s block is an odd concept to me. How could I not want to run? I run half marathons for goodness sake. Yet, the days pass by but the miles don’t.

It’s time to resolve this Block. I think I read that if you have writer’s block you should write every single day. However, I can’t run every single day because I can’t risk an injury. I decree that I will run every other day until this Block is busted . I will write every single day even if it’s just one sentence until I can write “I want to run” and really mean it.


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I used to think that I’d have to lose all my weight by the time I was 40 or I’d be a lost cause. The funny thing is that at 40 I’m wiser and I know it’s not the end.

I’d like to add that my wisdom with age realizes I might be wiser but I am not the wisest. It’s like learning to never say never. I know there is much more to experience and wisdom to gain in the next 40+ years.

So, here’s another bit of wisdom I’ve gained from my experiences over the last few years.

My birthday is in December. It coincides nicely with end of the year wrap up and goal setting, except, by New Year’s Eve, it’s already old news to me. On my birthday, I imagine where I’ll be on my birthday the following year, at least, in weight loss terms. Then I say to myself, “Self, you’ve got 365 days. GO!”

Yeah. It doesn’t work out that way. First of all, in the first 10 days, it is still the holidays. Second, I am a world class procrastinator. I don’t start thinking about getting serious until October when I realize I’d better get serious because that next birthday is getting dressed for a party.

“People are so worried about what they eat between Christmas and the New Year, but they really should be worried with what they eat between the New Year and Christmas. – unknown

Mostly, I’m lucky if I even maintain my weight through those last few months of the year. For example, I was a goner by November 10th.

So, here’s my personal wisdom. Like the quote, I need to stop thinking that I can cram all this work into the last few months. In fact, I need to give up on November and December altogether. I don’t have 365 days. I have from January 7 until the end of October to make significant progress on this life style change. November and December should be reserved for a whole different life project.

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