Eye Injury – Scleral Shell

My son had a nasty eye injury on January 1st, 2010. After a seven hour surgery with the fantastic doctors at Mott’s University Hospital at University of Michigan, he still had his eye. After a retina surgery with Dr. Civantos at Illinois Retina Associates everything was looking good. Then along comes a little bacterial called strep pneumoniae to blow everything out of the water. The good thing, he’s a regular kid riding bicycles, running, jumping and playing video games. Reading is one of his favorite pastimes. Yes, he’s blind in one eye but he’s still just a regular kid.

At the time we were going through the scleral shell process, I couldn’t find much information so I decided to talk about it in my running blog. Here’s all the important posts you should read if you came here about eye injuries, eye infections or scleral shells.

Need To Know Post Surgery

A New Eye Step 1 and 2

A New Eye: Steps 3 – Complete

Sclereal Shell Update

The Motivation for Today (And Yesterday and Tomorrow)

Not A Word In My Vocabulary


Summer Rewind

A good reference website
Eye Injury MD

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  2. Bryce Siderine

    eye infections can be prevented if you just take care of your eyes by avoiding foreign bodies contacting it. ,

    Our very own blog

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