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Mighty Mighty

I looked in a full length mirror today…

So, here’s today’s workout T-shirt 

I’m in Malvern, PA.  I was walking on the treadmill when a couple of good tunes came across the earbuds. 2.5 miles for the day.  Barefoot no less (literally not possible to be less)  Now, I’m hanging out in my hotel room having a little dance party. 

Soon, I’ll switch over to more mellow music and work on my mobility work.

These hips will be constant work but I am better off than I was.  After all, I drove 3 hours yesterday, left the house at 4:30 am to catch a 7 am flight to Philly. I spent all day sitting on ill fitting chairs in meetings. Considering my past, my inability to get through a day like that without groaning, I am so much better off now.  

Time to sign off for a little Someday I Suppose by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. You can watch it on YouTube. 

Even though I’m going to dance to it, my oneday needs to be today. 


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Giving Up

I joined a gym. I’m losing inches. I’m getting stronger. I’m eating chocolate. I’m wearing shoes.

It’s been several weeks since I started working out at the gym again. The guard at the door verbally greets me with half open eye lids. He even confided, one day, it was tough to get up at 4 am to come to work. I smiled in solidarity. I’m practically a regular.

Which is why I felt it was the right time to remove my shoes.

I’m giving up my shoes but I don’t think I’m giving up chocolate.

I’m not sure how many people think it is crazy but there have been enough people over the years commenting on my preference for bare feet that it’s more than just in my head. Add the public shower barefoot fungus phobia to the intense germ-a-phobia that exists in the gym as evidenced by the plethora of anti-bacterial gels on every exercise machine. Let’s just say, I gave up my shoes but I didn’t trumpet the virtues of barefootedness. (besides on here, of course)

PSA – Foot fungus develops in warm moist areas that don’t dry out. No shoes = dry feet = poor environment for fungus growth

We’ll see if I continue to get away with it or if I get asked to put the shoes back on. If that happens, I’m giving up the gym.

I’m still won’t be giving up chocolate though.

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A Fly In The Ointment

I’m a four seasons girl. When the weather is beautiful, I want to be outside. To me, each season has it’s beauty. Today was no exception. It was warm but not hot, breezy but not windy and plenty of sun. It’s a day that makes you feel like it has healing powers.

What’s a girl to do but go walking, barefoot walking.

Yes, I went barefoot walking and I didn’t step in any dog poop. Stepping in dog poop is a common misconception of going barefoot.

I was, however, given plenty of opportunity to step in it. I’d really like to thank all those dog owners for refusing to pick up their dog’s poo so that fifty thousand flies could buzz around me as I went by.

It kinda put a fly in the ointment.

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Barefoot Discontent

It’s an unusually temperate day in October. I’m dressed in a black t-shirt and dark jeans but the sun has been inveigling me through a window that will never open. I’m in the frame of mind to stomp on bubble wrap for an hour if it were irresponsibly left laying around. Only, we haven’t had bubble wrap here since 1985. My only option is the sweat offered by the sun.

My discontent with life continues its expansion until I realize that I’m just pissed that my feet are hot and the socks are slipping inside of my Neo shoes. The forty minute walk I planned won’t happen if I am already looking forward to slouching over the germ infested keyboard at my desk.

Stupid is as stupid does. – Mamma Gump

I stop being stupid and my discontent drops 40 points as soon as I rip my shoes and socks off. No, going barefoot isn’t a cure all for my life’s problems. It is an election year and everyone tells me my life must be or will be terrible so 60% discontent is the least it can get. Don’t judge me, Mr. Mail Man, I might look postal but I much better off barefoot.

Despite the warmth, the bare limbs of the trees are giving a preview of winter. Scattered across the ground beneath are the remnants creating colorful blankets of bold reds, luminescent yellows and dramatic browns for me to walk across. I’m thankful for one more opportunity to enjoy the gifts of fall.

Before I return to work, a leaf shaped piece of glass gets my attention. I find it more interesting than concerning. It catches blue sparkling light and throws it back into my eyes. I don’t look away, I look closer. It’s not my first broken glass and it won’t be my last. It won’t cut me, it never does.

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What’s Banxing? If celebrities can mash up words, so can I. Glamping anyone?

Banxing is another barefoot activity I enjoy on a regular basis. Barefoot isn’t just for running, you know.


Last year while watching Biggest Loser, I decided that I would add boxing to my workouts. But, I found myself tiring quickly of just hitting a bag. You can only have an imaginary fight for so long before you start thinking that if you haven’t knocked out your opponent by now you’re probably suffering from some severe black eyes and a bloody nose.

Having music blaring in the garage enhances my boxing workout. As much as I am a runner, I am that much more of a dancer. When a great song comes on during my boxing session I find my booty starts shaking then I start punching a rhythm. Next thing I know, I’m bouncing my knees and banxing (boxing and dancing) song after song.

Sometimes a song brings about more dancing than boxing. Sometimes, when I shake, shake, shake…shake, shake, shake shake my booty, I actually punch, punch, punch…punch, punch, punch, and shake my booty, shake my booty.

This last picture isn’t about banxing. I just can’t resist a good bike ride to get ice cream.



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Look, No Shoes.

It’s time for vacation!

“We are stopping at the next rest area in 2 miles to use the bathroom. Get everyone ready to go in,” my husband informs me.

I looked down at the floor of the car and see nothing but clean grey carpet.

“Where are my shoes?” I wondered out loud.

Back up about a couple of hours…

When I got home from an excruciating half-day of work, I threw down my dress shoes (Merrell Serene Gloves), took the obligatory pee, and climbed into the car without recognizing I was shoeless.

Being barefoot wasn’t going to be much of a problem for me, if I was desperate, like needing to pee at the rest area, I’d borrow my son’s gigantic shoes. Most of the time we’d be at Gaŗezers Latvian camp. No shoes required.

If I hadn’t planned a spectacular day in Saugatuk to show off the spenders of Michigan to my kids, I would have just said forget it. But, I was wary of entering the Coral Gables restaurant without shoes. Fortunately, my sister loaned me a pair her of sandals.

Unfortunately, those sandals sucked! As in, every time I took a step I made a farting noise from the suction between the arch of my foot and the sole of the shoe. So much for sophisticated browsing through rich, quaint shops. I tried carrying the sandals except when inside of stores or restaurants but it was a 100+ deg F day. I only went five steps on the docks at the yacht club before feeling a burn blister form. I was stuck wearing the sucking shoes.

Ironically, a few days later, my husband and I went to watch a friend’s son’s band play at a bar near the camp. I wore the sucking shoes. 90% of the college kids in the bar with their sun-kissed noses and beach wear were shoeless. Well, when in Rome!

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Mosey’s Mellow

I took a delightful barefooted walk this morning. I’m not sure what it was but I just felt like walking. I couldn’t even convince myself to walk rapidly. It was more like a mosey.

I said hello and waved to everyone I met. I’ve been known to be envious of others who are out running. But, not this morning. I just returned a pleasant, sincere greeting.

I’m not going to get all bent out of shape because I didn’t run. I still worked my body through 3.2 miles. Instead of a runner’s high, I’ve got a mosey’s mellow.

I think I’ll run again someday. Maybe tomorrow. I’m not too worried about it. Ya know, whatever will be will be.

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