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A Philosophical Discussion: The Last Meal

Have you ever been asked the question:
If you knew this was your very last meal, what would you eat?

Right away, I start to over analyze it.
Are we talking breakfast, lunch or dinner?
Do I have to eat local or will I have time to fly to another part of the world?
Do I have to cook it or does it magically appear?
Does it have to be a meal or can it just be dessert?
Do I have to stick with a ‘normal’ meal or can I get creative?

Since I’ve spent half of my life trying to lose weight, I’ve learned a few things about ‘last meals’. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had just one last (insert bad for you food here) only to walk away saying, “Really? It wasn’t as good as I remembered it.” So, this choice has to be carefully considered because I’d hate to go to my death bed being disappointed in my last food choice.

If it was:

French Toast- this has always been my favorite breakfast and I know all the secrets to making it the World’s best. Don’t even kid yourself that all it takes is some vanilla and cinnamon. There is more but it’s also my secret. The final and defining ingredient is real maple syrup just like Mom used. I’ll wait for you to fly to Vermont to get some, if necessary. Restaurants not serving maple syrup is probably one of the single most effective ways to keep me on a diet. I’ll take some bacon too, if you’ve got it.
On the side, as a breakfast dessert, I want my mom’s Apple Jonathan.

I am my mother’s daughter. I don’t like leftovers. Therefore, if my last meal is at lunchtime, it has to be a sandwich. More specifically, a Jimmy John’s sandwich. I can’t be more specific than that because they have so many good sandwiches that I couldn’t pick until I got there. Even then I might order a party platter just to get a variety for my last time.
But, before lunch is over, we have to drive to Plainwell, MI to get ice cream. It’s a good thing the drive will be long because I am going to need to make room for all the flavors I am going to eat. I’ll probably start with chocolate hazelnut, island city fudge, mint chocolate chip, butter pecan, pumpkin, and lemon chiffon. Not necessarily in that order but most likely.

We will have to travel again but this time we need a plane because I want fresh from the sea crab. Not crab with a K but real, still in the shell crab. King crab is preferred but I’ll settle for Dungeness if need be. I have to eat it on the pacific coast because by the time it gets to the Midwest it’s crap instead of crab. I might have some room for sweet corn but only if the pick it the Jeanne way. Young and sweet. Also, I’d like applesauce. Homemade. The way mom made it.

I hope this airplane we are in has the ability to time travel or alter the seasons because I need to go to Michigan in early June for fresh strawberry shortcake for my dessert. But, (there’s always a but) I don’t eat ‘shortcake’, I eat my strawberries on fresh, homemade, buttermilk biscuits like mom used to make.

There’s a bit of a theme in my choices. Each one related to how my mom cooked or what she taught me about food. She cooked from scratch on most things. Those are the things that taste the best, not the processed fast food so present in my life today. She showed me that fresh foods, perfectly picked were far better than anything else.

Mom died 11 years ago from pancreatic cancer. When I think of a last meal, I don’t just think about mom’s cooking or mom’s ways, I also think about her last meal. She was determined to fight the cancer until the very last second. She was so determined that she still tried to eat the day before she died even though all her organs were in failure. My mom’s last meal was a day old donut from Westco gas station.

I know it’s a philosophical discussion but when it comes down to it, your last meal isn’t going to mean anything. It’s all the meals you had before that.


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Serenity Prayer

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference.

I cannot rescind calories consumed, choices made, or self sabotage; I may adjudicate healthy options regardless of the substances’ sources; and I should not let the past determine my future. Too often, I surrender to thoughts that push me into standard consumer behavior. I resist calling attention to myself fearful that my requests will leave an impression of someone who is pretentious. In social settings, I consume excess food too often because I don’t want someone else’s work to be regarded as wasteful. This continuous behavior creates a paltry food cycle that can only be cancelled when I hold firm to proper choices.

Today has only 24 hours, tomorrow has only 24 hours; persistent exercise is an effective means to healthy living; and Rome was not built in a day. The mantra is “Do it today”. I must remember that what must be done today is one healthy step in a lifetime journey. I am solving one portion of the overall formula that leads to success. Tomorrow is another part of the formula. I have anxiety that I am not exercising enough or doing the wrong exercise. I must remember that all activity is good, a variety of activity is good, but most importantly to keep active. Breaking down large goals into manageable daily goals will build a body worthy of a Roman goddess.

I cannot remove stretch marks created in the expansion of my waistline and development of my children; I can reduce the percentage of fat and increase the percentage of muscle; and physical beauty goes beyond the skin. Those stretch marks are a reminder of permanent consequences that can happen when I’m not living a healthy life and if those are my only consequences than I am a very lucky person. When I build strength, I create grace, poise, and balance. All attributes we use when describing the classic beauty.

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