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No Regard For Dignity

As I mentioned in my sleeping post, we defied the weather forecast last Saturday by going camping at the K3 state park with our Cub Scout pack. With so many eager learners and helpers our camp was hoisted in record time. The scouts and their siblings were running around the area. Although the camping area was plentiful, we agreed that a hike might burn off some of the youthful energy.

Our hike traversed the two track converted into a bike path nicely lined with a multitude of foliage. Sure, adults lose some ability for imaginative play as we grow older. In exchange, we know how to stop and smell the tree leaves. That youthful energy quickly grew tired of observing the differences between trees. Their faces said, “Dude, they’re just green leaves.”

Fortunately, I have little regard for maintaining my dignity. The kids and I skipped, ran backward, side-stepped, laughed, walked with high knees, galloped, raced, grew breathless and smiled. We let loose and had some fun with it.

I’m not dismissing the retrospective nature walk. I like a good dendrology lesson as much as the next corn based, plastic soled, shoe wearer. It’s just that sometimes it’s fun to dismiss your dignity. You’ve got to live smiley and sometimes being silly helps accomplish that.

We went on that night to tell scary stories by the campfire that night. I, on the other hand, faced the scariest story right there on that two-track. One mom was telling another mom that her Shape-Ups really work. SCCCCCCRRREEEEAAAAMMM!

I’m not going to argue whether those shoes work or not. I don’t have any scientific evidence to back my opinion. I do like this article, Can Shoes Really Tone the Body? By Gretchen Reynolds from The NewYork Times. And, I have to agree with the FTC’s move to fine Reebok for making claims without scientific evidence. I have my own personal concerns after living 35+ years in various shoes that altered my center of gravity and forced my feet into unnatural positions. I admit, I used to love high heels. I gave up on them when I started to develop bunions. I also had life long issues with pointed toe shoes. Don’t give me that look. Even my penny-loafers of my high school years pushed my big toe inward. Consequently, I have concerns regarding toning shoes. I really don’t see how these strangely shaped soles can be good for you to wear all day, day in and day out.

Sorry, I got side tracked and ended up on a soap box just to tell you that after the Shape-Ups statements, I declared my love for barefooting and took my shoes off to race the boys on that gravel covered two-track. Imagine, I’m wearing jeans and a sweatshirt over a long sleeve t-shirt under my Class B uniform T-shirt while carrying my New Balance Minimus in my hand. Again, its useful that I have no regard for dignity. With that much clothing on, I got hot within a quarter mile. My feet begged to go farther but it was going to be another twenty-four hours before I’d see a shower so I wasn’t willing to stink up the tent for that nights sleeping. See, it was about odor issues not lack of dignity in becoming a sweaty mess.

In the end, our mission was accomplished. The youthful energy tanks were half empty just in time for the S’mores.



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Why It’s Hard To Save the World

I enjoy playing the super hero, doing things to save the world… like carpooling. 

But, carpooling puts a little cramp into my style. 

See, my car pooling buddy goes to work earlier than I do(did).  So, I am now leaving the house an hour earlier.  Which means that if I want to run before work, I’m going to have to start getting up before 5 am.  Eeek!

Except this week because my car pooling buddy is on vacation.  I’m back to my foot-fancy gas guzzling ways for one week.  Which means, I totally killed a run this morning!!

Actually, I only went 2.46 miles with plenty of walking breaks because I’m trying to ease back into running after the half marathon so that MAYBE some of my tendonitis issues will actually heal and I won’t have to listen to a bunch of people tell me how my shoes are bad or running is bad or how I’m just asking for it. 

Still, I’m loving the freedom of my gas guzzling ways so that I can run, run, run till my car pooling buddy comes home.

Speaking of shoes…

New Balance Minimus Life

I’ve been wearing these babies for about a month now.  I really like them except 1. really, they are too narrow for my feet and 2. they are hot so they are getting a little stinky.  I’ve been looking for a “winter” /casual pair of minimalist shoes.  These fit the bill pretty well.  I wear them nearly every day.  The sole is thicker than VFFs so there is extra cushion and warmth.  I need a wider shoe but I don’t like the looks of the men’s shoe.  They promote it for walking/casual.  I’ve taking them for a 3 mile and a 2.46 mile run when I didn’t have my VFFs.   Both runs were great.  Disclaimer: I still run in my VFFs except for those two runs.  I plan to build back up to barefooting this summer.

I noticed with all my tendonitis issues that my feet were starting to hurt worse after wearing my Adidas all day in the lab.  I’m pretty confident that the inflexible sole was aggravating my tendons by not working with them.  These minimum life are very flexible and give me just what I need.  I even felt some relief one day when I switched out of the Adidas back into the Minimus life. 

Anyone ready for a shoe burning?  Meaning my Adidas not my VFFs or MLs

When in the New Balance store, I tried on the trail shoe and if the top hadn’t been so tight and narrow I would have gotten it.  I liked the sole better but couldn’t stand how tight they were.  This line of shoes is not for the wide foot.  They didn’t have the men’s shoe in my size.  I did not try on the running shoe because it looked too much like a regular shoe to me.  I also think New Balance needs to train their sales people to be prepared when  barefooter comes in looking for shoes.  My sales person was condescending and clueless on fitting a barefooter.  He’d be good for someone who’d never run in anything but conventional shoes.

Now I’m on the hunt for a minimalist sandal for casual wear.  I saw some at the New Balance store I want to check out. (Can’t find them on the website) Plus, I’m thinking about ordering some Merrel’s.

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