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Are You Still Running?

Susan, my New Jersey intern turned friend from Port Huron, and I sat around a summer back yard fire catching up on life and parenthood.
“Are you still running?” she inquired.
I paused…

A month earlier, I was at a conference networking with your standard R&D introverts. It would have been a slow conversation if it hadn’t been for the free beer and wine at the happy hour. We were discussing the challenges of getting up at 5 am to run in the scholarship fundraiser 5K. Not one of us was planning on running it. The woman next to me admitted that she used to run but she’d gotten injured and never got back into running. I nodded my head knowing what she meant.

I used to fear getting injured so bad that I wouldn’t be able to run while I waited to heal. Three running styles, five pairs of shoes, a set of bare feet, months of early morning walks, turning 40 and two missed Girls On The Run events later, I realize my fear was misplaced. I should have feared losing my desire to run.

I run sporadically. Often, I’ll run in the middle of my morning walk. But, am I running? ie., Am I a Runner?

I have never defined being a “Runner” by speed or distance. To me, being a runner has to do with attitude, desire and a runner’s high. Susan’s inquiry put me in a position where I had to face what had happened. I changed and I no longer feel like I am a runner.

Ever since Susan’s inquiry, I’ve pondered who am I, what am I doing and what do I want? I suppose this is another side affect of going over-the-hill. It’s hard to define a goal when you’ve already taken life’s major stepping stones, run a 5K, win a 5K, run a half, run a sub-25 5K, PR in the half, get injured and run a return 5K. What’s left? Maybe it’s time I did something crazy?



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Better Something Than Nothing

Why do I buy 6 AM flights in the winter when there is a threat of snow? That’s like buying a flight in the summer with an arrival/departure time in the late afternoon. You are guaranteed a thunderstorm.

Let’s just cut to the chase to say that at that point, it was late evening, I’d been sitting in airplanes, cars and restaurant booths near 10 hours. Running was the last thing I wanted to do when a warm and comfortable looking (but really not because this was your standard low end of the chain hotels) bed. However, I’m not sure if you are aware of this, I made a pledge to run every other day, darn it. I dismissed the pledge when I realized that I forgot to pack my sports bra.

Seriously, it was too easy to talk myself out of running. As a compromise, I walked about an hour as I watched the Duck Dynasty Christmas special.

Better something than nothing.

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Reason #1: Pain Killer

Usually when I list a reason for this or that I pick a random number between 1 and 1000 because my reasons may or may not be equally important and I think it takes too much time to organize and prioritize my reasons. However, I believe I have found my number 1 reason to lose weight.

Reason #1: Pain Killer

If I lose weight, it will kill the pain. I’m not talking about emotional pain. I’m talking keep-you-up-at-night physical pain.

Hips, tips, and more
I’ve had chronic issues with my hip for about the last decade. Christmas night, my hip was a little achy from hours sitting around the table enjoying the company of my family in my home. At 3:30 am, I was wide awake in hip agony. That’s hardly how I wanted to wrap up Christmas. When I’m on the light side, this doesn’t happen.

Often in the morning, my hands ache down to my finger tips from inflation or water retention. Whatever, it’s not pleasant to feel like your fingers belong to the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.

What’s more is that I’ve been living with a constant gut ache since December 28th. Almost a decade ago, when I followed the Atkins diet, I realized that I stopped getting a post-meal gut ache. I’ve been eating a lot of carbs lately and suffering the consequences.

So, maybe all this is caused by dehydration or gluten or some other injury/disease. This isn’t about how to resolve those issues, it’s about why. The extra weight aggravates or causes these problems. Taking that weight off will be more effective than two Advil.

The physical pain of being over weight is my #1 reason. It’s better than fitting into a bikini (Reason #789) It’s better than showing up Ms. So-n-so at a party/reunion/etc (Reason #436) It’s even better than just liking how I look. (Reason #71)


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Desperation Into Determination

“OMG! I am so fricken miserable in these pants. I feel like I am going to burst open like an overstuffed sausage in a hot grill. Weight watchers…take me away!!!”

That’s desperation.

The good thing about desperation is wanting, intensely, to get out of that situation. The problem was that it was rooted to that particular moment when I was miserable. After three days, I was no longer bloated from excessive salt intake, therefore, no longer miserable. I was also not desperate anymore. My pants felt fine which was sufficient to give into simple justification to eat anything, thus, starting the desperate cycle all over again.

What I need… is determination. I need to take my desperation and turn it into determination.

Other than being able to wear pants without the button popping off and shooting someone’s eye out, I have to admit that I’m not much concerned about my weight. However, weight isn’t the only fitness measurement in life. So, why “give up” as it were? It is now time to declare things I am determined to do or not do as the case may be.

I am determined to be able to run 6 miles anytime I want. I could run 6 miles now, probably, maybe, but it would be a desperate attempt at which I’d probably stop after 1.3 miles then collapse on the convenience store floor with one hand stretched out in a desperate search for one last Twinkie. I felt my best when I could simply say 6 seems good today then simply go run it.

I am determined to not let 40 be the slide into a stocked medicine cabinet. My husband who is the poster child for all things stress can do to you, hit 40 and found himself saddled with maintenance drugs like Nexium. He keeps taunting me that when I turn 40, I will acquire my own personal pharmacy. Maybe the need for prescription drugs will be out of my control but if I don’t start drinking enough water to fill the Shedd Aquarium and avoiding cases of timeless Twinkies, well, then I might as well carry around a white flag with a matching pill box. I am determined to fight for good health.

I am determined to be The World’s Strongest Man. Shortly, snowmobile season will be here, hopefully. I worry that I will get my snowmobile stuck in a snowbank. My clothing will get soaked with sweat as I desperately attempt and fail to free the sled. Then my clothes will freeze causing my body to go into hypothermia as my temperature drops to 97 degrees before I am located through a massive search and rescue mission. I will have to spend the remainder of the trip in the hot tub which sounds delightful until you visualize me in a swim cap with rubber flowers circa 1950 and it’s a vision you’ll never fully recover from. I can simply avoid this desperate situation in the rubber swim cap if I stay determined to become The World’s Strongest Man (on the Barefoot Rose scale, naturally).

20121204-153714.jpgWomen on the right and men on the left.

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