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You know that scene? The one where Tom Cruise does the famous slide and dances in his socks.

What? In his underwear? No. No. No. He’s dancing in his socks. Don’t you remember?

Ok, we all remember it as the underwear scene but it wouldn’t be the same if it hadn’t been coupled with that fantastic entrance, courtesy of his socks.

In the last couple of years, I was bitten by two bugs. First, I was bitten by barefoot running then I was bitten by crazy knee high socks. It’s a love triangle, I guess, because you don’t wear socks when you run barefoot and wearing socks means you’re not barefoot. My two separate loves are able have their place in my life thanks to the winter season.

This past summer and fall, I went barefoot more often than the previous year. I even switched to wearing minimalist shoes at work instead of dress flats. Considering that my minimalist shoes look like lizard feet (VFF) or trail trainers (Pace Glove) this is a rather big statement as to my preference for foot wear in all occasions. I’m anxiously awaiting delivery of Merrell’s Life Gloves that will be perfect for the office.

Back to my point, I embraced my barefoot nature as much as I could. Even at home with the No Heat Challenge I went barefoot all the time letting my feet adjust to the environment of chilled tile or cool imitation wood. (cool as in cold not as in sick which is as in cool not as in barf all over)

I looked forward to I wearing socks with wild colors and holiday themes again once the frost started to set in and frost bite was just a couple of miles away. It’s true, socks claimed their place in my love triangle.

Much to my chagrin, however, I have realized that bare-footing has put a wedge between my socks and me. I grew so accustomed to the language that my bare feet speak that my body no longer knows how to interpret my socked feet signals. Literally, I am slipping, sliding, and unable to navigate across the floor in a comfortable manner because I’ve lost my grip!

It has been a bit heart breaking and confounding, because, how did I ever walk accross the floor in socks before?

Now, when I am wearing socks, you’ll find me more often sliding across the floor like Tom Cruise in whitey tighties because I just can’t get a the hang of walking without grip. Oh, well, I might as well take those old records off the shelf. Spring is just around the corner.






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Who’s A Stylish Blogger

Stylish is not one of the worlds that people associate with me. However, Liene** erroneously attached that word to my name or more precisely, my blog. Liene is the girl who’s going with this kid who knows this guy that told the girlfriend of a brother of the boyfriend of the sister of my best friend (it’s a backwards quote) and has a blog over at Femme au foyer.

This is what she had to say:

I would like to pass the stylish blogger award on to these lovely ladies:
Barefoot Roses at A Barefoot Rose By Any Other Name for her unique barefoot style

I think someone should examine Liene’s head. And, they might as well do mine while they are at it. I’m not much of a girly-girl but I guess that I do some stylish things. Such as:


1. Painted Toes – I don’t wear nail polish on my fingers but I won’t go in public without my toes polished. Going barefoot gives me the excuse I need to keep my toes up to date and show off that bright color. My current favorite is #381 Russet Flame. Yoowza!

2. Jewelry – this past summer I reacquainted myself with toe rings. I wore a toe ring for most of my younger adult life until I lost it or had kids or ate a monster or something like that. Now, that I am back to being barefoot all the time, I felt a replacement toe ring was required. It’s shiny and silver. I never know it’s there except when it reflects the light and catches my eye.

3. Mud masks – one can pay a couple hundreds of dollars for a day at the spa to have a mask applied to remove toxins and minimize pores. Or, one can head to their local creek side trail shortly after the waters recede from the lowlands. The mud on that trail is cool, comfortable and helps remove toxins like fat. I’m a fan of both kinds of mud masks.


Santa Socks!

4. Winter socks – With the onset of cooler temperatures, I sadly have to put on protective wear. Fortunately, there is this little thing every girl can get excited about. SOCKS! I’ve always had a soft spot for crazy holiday socks but last year I got hooked on wild everyday socks too. Turns out, I’m just one in a million with a sock fetish. Not that I mind, it just means the sock manufacturers will continue to feed my need.

So, my final stylish thing is to buck the tradition of the stylish bloggy award. I’m supposed to list seven stylish things I do. I only have four. Since I doubt you care, I quit.

I am giving my sister the next Stylish Blog award because her reviews are straight to the point. How she has time to watch movies AND review them, I’ll never know. So check Penny Rose out at Two Thumbs Up. (if only I could go on about those two thumbs up! Let’s just say, sisters stick together).

**Visit Liene, a pregnant Latvian descendant, American Expat, living in France with two cats, Roberts, and Lauris. Seriously, she makes fountains very interesting. But don’t miss out on the hunt for white eggs at Easter.

It has taken me so long to write this blog post that I don’t even care if it has good writing style or not. It’s posted!!


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