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Gag Reflex

I have been gagging on my food today. Let me tell you, the gagging isn’t caused by a threat of salmonell, the smell of pickled herring, or the dryness that comes from completely charred food.

I haven’t had a cookie in three days.

Or chocolate. Or ice cream. Or..

Yes, my body has gone into shock. If there was a microphone inside my body, this is what I think you’d hear..

EGADS! Where are the fricken cookies!!! Chicken?? Who does she think I am, Gracie Gold? This is ridiculous. I’ve been eating cookies everyday of my life. Not a thing wrong with me. If I don’t get some cookies this instant, I’ll go bang her head on the wall. Cookies!! Why, oh, Why can’t I have cookies!

Now repeat that but replace cookies with ice cream, chocolate, candy, donuts, and so on.

I wouldn’t recommend stepping into my office this week. I might barf this healthy chicken all over your shoes.


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Nah Sugar, NA-NA-NA..NA-NA

I stood in my co-workers office with screwed up look on my face as I performed a quick mental calculation.

Then I declared, “I have gone 40 hours without chips or a sweet.”

She snickered sympathetically before responding, “That’s not even two days.”

40 hours IS hardly anything to write home about. (That’s why I write a blog.) Sadly, it has taken me weeks to string together this many hours that were sugar and chips free. Maybe I’d try one or the other, but this is the first time in a while I’ve done both. Generally, I use one as a crutch to get by without the other even though I promise myself regularly that I won’t touch either till 2013.

I’m pretty sure that I’ve spent 2400 minutes of those 40 hours THINKING about sweets and chips.

Will I make it to 48 hours? 72 hours? Or, even 17 days, my one time record? I don’t know. Like any good recovering addict, I’m just taking it one hour at a time.

44 hours and 31minutes at the time of posting.

48 hours succeeded

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