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If A Tree Falls In The Family Room, Will It Wake Everyone Up?

The other night, an hour after I went to bed, I was still awake. Perhaps it was the nagging guilt of publicly consenting to 60/60 and only having 40 minutes for day 1 that kept me from falling asleep? Or, perhaps, I was super excited about exercising for 60 days straight?

Yeah, guilt is mighty powerful.

I figured a session of relaxation yoga would help me fall asleep after fulfilling my 60 minute requirement. However, I began to doubt the wisdom of performing yoga at 11 pm at night when I lost my balance while doing a tree pose.

Ok, I was attempting a tree pose because had I been successfully “doing” it, I wouldn’t have nearly landed in the TV.

Conclusion, a tree pose falling in the family room will not wake up everyone else if you can tuck and roll.


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Variations On A Theme: Push-Ups

One of those good habits that I want more of is daily push-ups. Push-ups are a fantastic strengthening exercise that really benefits your whole body. Strength is pretty important when you hit that 10th mile.

Which reminds me, “This one time…at band camp…”

Wait, that’s the wrong story…(I’m notorious for starting stories off that way even before American Pie)

Wait! Band camp does actually apply here!

This one time, at band camp, we would have to do 10 push-ups if we didn’t hit the 10 yard line and stop on the tenth step. I spent many hours in the hot sun building strength (and learning to count to 10). That fall, my band friends and I were the only ones on the girls’ basketball team who could do push-ups. Marching band isn’t necessarily wimpy.

Now, that strength should have made me a better basketball player but I still only had 4 points in my entire basketball career. It’s a good thing that my objective is to be a stronger runner and not a stronger shooter.

As much as I praise the mighty push-up, I’ve grown to despise doing them. So many days, I say, “Today!” But, I’m as quick to forget to do them as I am at declaring I will do them. I need a different strategy, at least until I build up some strength.

Today’s strategy: Sun Salutations!

5 full push-ups followed by 5 sun salutations.

I thought about taking a picture of me from below in the push-up position but no one wants to see THAT face!


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